Battles “Since the Beginning of Time”

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Battles in the Middle East go back to the beginning of recorded history, colloquially, since the beginning of time: one state after another, one empire after another, one war after another, one set of rulers after another, with each trying to dominate the earth and its people. The caliphate called “IS” is another in a long line.

The difference in North America was that the immigrant numbers and technology vastly overwhelmed the native populations, so that after the ethnic cleansing had occurred, a relative stability of state rule dominated much of the continent. This state, feeling its oats, could not contain itself, however, and just had to expand its power and influence. In many regions of the globe, it replaced the British Empire or made components of it into subsidiaries and allies. It even inserted itself into the Middle East, that area where battles have been waged since time immemorial. Ignoring this history, the U.S. state poured billions and trillions of dollars into the region. Its equipment is captured and local allied armies flee. What does the U.S. now face but unpalatable choices and confusion, choices one hesitates to imagine and contemplate? Those whom it sided with as allies become enemies, while enemies become friends. Every attempt to dismantle one group gives rise to another stronger group. Border lines drawn long ago in the sand vanish.

America had it made in North America. No longer, not as long as it keeps joining in battles on foreign battlegrounds that have been going on since time began. Among recent developments, Obama asked Congress for $500 million for unnamed Syrian rebel groups. American leaders are locked onto the flight path of imperialism and overseas American Empire that began in 1898. They cannot see the futility and tragedy of it. They cannot see the great evil that it is. The American system of government is now so completely corrupted that it is steering the 99% to doom for the sake of the 1%.

10:58 am on June 30, 2014