Baseball vs. Debates

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Writes Steve Cross:

Since I gave up TV news in the last year, I had zero interest in the “debates” between the 2 fascists. But being a rabid baseball fan, I watched every pitch of the Rangers-A’s, Yankees-Red Sox, & Orioles-Rays games. Being a Yankee fan, the satisfaction I felt after all were over was far greater than the angst imposed by the watching the “debates.” Worse than the “debates” is the post-debate “analysis” from the statist pundits who always perceive great differences in the candidates. My state of mind has improved markedly since I quit watching TV “news.” CNN, Fox (Neocon) News, and the rest can’t disappear fast enough.

I told my wife, “I just realized we’re paying for cable just for sports!.”

8:39 am on October 4, 2012