BART Executioner Resigns

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What’s wrong, you can’t handle the pressure?

The BART police officer who shot an unarmed man to death on a station platform early on New Year’s Day quit the force Wednesday, avoiding an interview with police internal affairs investigators trying to get to the bottom of an incident that has prompted broad outrage.

Mehserle, however, did not show up for the scheduled interview at 11 a.m. – the same time the funeral for Grant began in his hometown of Hayward. Instead, the officer’s attorney and the president of BART’s police union appeared and handed over a short resignation letter, BART spokesman Linton Johnson said.

I do not know how police investigations (or should that be “investigations”?) work but I hope this does not end in some minor disciplinary action.

And here’s another statist gem: “Christopher Miller, an attorney for the officer, declined to say what Mehserle’s explanation was for shooting Grant or why he had quit. He said Mehserle’s defense would continue to be paid for by a statewide fund for police officers.”

1) The state steals money, transferring the loot from non-cops to cops.
2) The state does a terrible job and regularly violates rights.
3) To add insult to injury, the state, furthermore, sets up a fund for the defense of police officers. Notice that if you are the victim of police statism, you get to pay for their defense.

And all for your own good.

10:21 am on January 8, 2009