Barr-Paul? Paul-Barr? I doubt it.

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The Tim Russert Channel (f.k.a. MSNBC) is scrolling across the bottom of the screen that Ron Paul may join Bob Barr on the Libertarian ticket.

I don’t know what basis they have for this. Probably it is an irresponsible exaggeration of this story about Barr and Paul saying nice things about each other.

There are innumerable reasons why such a thing would not happen, including, I would think, the fact that Ron Paul is busy with the Campaign for Liberty, and the prospect of dealing with an irate Wayne Allyn Root, whom the MSM understandably might not have noticed is already on the ticket with Barr.

Stay tuned — to LRC, that is, where I’m sure the truth will come out soon enough.

6:43 pm on June 16, 2008