Barr on Evil Abroad

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Remember McCain’s answer as to whether evil exists and what we should do about it? McCain said, “Defeat it.” Simplistic answer, eh?

Here’s Barr’s answer for what to do about evil, when prompted by Glenn Beck: “You kill it. Evil is out there. . . . We have folks overseas that want to kill us, rape our women, kill our soldiers, kill civilians. Absolutely it’s out there. And we need to meet it and defeat it wherever we find it, whether it’s here or overseas.” He then goes on to promote US confrontation of Russia, and derides “isolationists” when Beck points out that most libertarians are non-interventionists on foreign policy. Later, Barr defends the idea of intervention to protect corporate interests abroad. He also says that a Barr administration would have gone to war with Iraq to uproot WMD, just not the way Bush did it.

I got to hand it to Barr, though: He likes Anthony Kennedy, and so do I.

4:28 pm on September 11, 2008