Barefoot Rockwell

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Over the past year, many LRC readers have embraced the natural concept of going “barefoot.” Mark Sisson advocates it to improve overall health, fitness, and balance, and to relieve foot and joint problems. After all, we were not designed to trot with the high heels and other distortions of the typical running shoe, which can cause the very injuries they are designed to prevent.

Of course, I had to give it a try, and ordered Merrill Barefoot Trail Gloves for exercise and casual wear. They take some getting used to, since they change your leg muscles and posture to a more natural state, but they are like slippers and weigh next to nothing. Soooo comfortable. I’m even wearing them today in the office.

Here’s the Women’s. Other readers like the cool Vibram Five Fingers. See the Men’s and Women’s. Oh, and don’t forget the equally cool five-finger socks.

Thanks to everyone for supporting LRC with your Amazon purchases. And happy barefooting!

8:06 am on July 6, 2011