Barackonomics 101 — “Only” the Federal Government Can Jolt Our Economy

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In today’s lesson in Barackonomics 101, we can learn much about the inner workings of our esteemed Puppet-in-Chief’s Bizarro World mind by quoting some of his recent Barackonomic insights:

“He said the recession has left the nation so weak that only the federal government [my emphasis] can ‘jolt our economy back to life.’ ”

[Is President Obamanable referring to the recession brought on by the federal government’s non-stop printing press—the same printing press which he is going to speed up, thus making the recession even worse?]

“ ‘This is not your ordinary, run of the mill recession,’ he said. Obama said the United States could tumble into the kind of economic pain that Japan endured in the 1990s — the “lost decade” when that nation showed no economic growth.”

[Is President Obamanable referring to the “lost decade” brought on by fiscal policies that the Japanese government implemented–fiscal policies similar to those that he is now implementing?]

“ ‘It’s a little hard for me to take criticism from folks about this recovery package after they’ve presided over a doubling of the national debt,’ the president said.”

[Is President Obamanable referring to the doubled national debt that he is about to aggressively add to, thus ensuring that our current doubled national debt will soon be a “fond” memory?]

And finally:

“ ‘I’m not sure they [the Republicans] have a lot of credibility when it comes to fiscal responsibility.’ ”

[Do you think that Americans will not be sure about President Obamanable’s credibility when it comes to his fiscal responsibility–four years from now?]

11:58 pm on February 9, 2009