Barackonomics 101

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There is a Chinese saying, albeit fallacious, that out of a crisis one can find an opportunity (i.e., turn “lemons” into “lemonade”). This morning on National Socialist Public Radio, I heard a statement from our current Puppet-in-Chief—vis-à-vis our current economic crisis—that this crisis presents us with an opportunity. Before I give my view on this latest bit of Barackonomics nonsense, I would like to relate the following Jewish joke:

What is the definition of the word “chutzpah”? Chutzpah is when a child murders both of his parents, then asks for mercy from the judge on the grounds that he is an orphan!

Displaying his own chutzpah, President Obanamable deliberately (because he is a puppet of the banksters that actually control our monetary system) omits from his statement that this current economic “crisis” was brought about by the very two institutions which he now presides over: The Federal Government and The Federal Reserve. Our current Puppet-in-Chief–like all Puppets-in-Chief (since the 1913 creation of the “Federal” Reserve)–continues to perpetuate the big lie that it is the free market which has caused our boom-and-bust business cycles for the last 94 years.As all of us know who read the lrc blog,, and writings of the Austrian School of Economics–it is our fraudulent fiat currency/fractional reserve/government-centralized (read: a monopoly of private banks) monetary system that has caused the current economic “crisis.”

Therefore, MEMO to President Obamanable: If you really want to find an opportunity in this crisis, rather than making the crisis worse by printing up more inflationary phony currency as you are currently doing, I have three recommendations: (1) abolish the “Federal” Reserve; (2) outlaw the criminal practice of fractional reserve banking; and (3) require that all paper dollars are only claims on a specific quantity of gold which they may be converted into at any time (because fractional reserve banking has been outlawed).

9:25 am on February 14, 2009