Bar Beating Cop Guilty of Felony, “May” Lose Job

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Anthony Abbate, the 250+ lb. Chicago street cop who savagely beat 115-lb. bartender Karolina Obrycka because he supposedly felt he was “in danger,” was found guilty today of a single count of felonious aggravated battery. He had previously been indicted on fifteen counts, including witness intimidation.

Abbate’s defense for throwing the frail woman to the floor and repeatedly hitting and kicking her was, essentially, “She started it”: He complained that she pushed him in an attempt to move him from behind the bar, a place he didn’t belong in the first place.

Obrycka intervened to remove the intoxicated Abbate when he became foul-mouthed and violent; one witness said she moved to protect a male patron from being beaten by the off-duty cop. None of the putative men in the bar reciprocated the favor by acting to protect her from Abbate’s onslaught.

Incredibly, even after being convicted of a violent felony, Abbate’s dismissal from the police force is not automatic. A wire service account notes: “Police Supt. Jody Weis has previously said he wanted Abbate fired. Now that he’s been convicted of a felony, that’s likely to happen.” (Emphasis added.)

4:56 pm on June 2, 2009