Bankster Puppet Bill Clinton Supports the Fascist State

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As Lew points out in his interview on Prison Planet, the United States is a Fascist (as opposed to a Socialist) country that is run by Big Corporations (primarily the Banksters) and Big Government. In the following interview, former Bankster Puppet-in-Chief Bill Clinton is thrilled (1:40 on the video) with all of the technology prosperity centers around the country that are public/private partnerships. (That’s funny: Being that I’m part of the public,  I don’t see any stocks in my portfolio that indicate my part-ownership in any of these “public”/private partnerships. Hmmm.) Clinton doesn’t care for the “rhetoric” in Washington D.C. of the private sector fighting the government. We sure know that his Bankster Puppetmasters who own the “Federal” Reserve are happy for their public/private partnership (which is now closing in on 100 years)—to the detriment of the 99% of United States citizens who don’t own most of the wealth in this country.

1:36 pm on September 20, 2011