Baltimore, free speech

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For background on this, see here.Hey Walter:

… while in California, I read about your ordeal on… It really pained me to read such nonsense about a good friend: attaching racism to a guy like you would be analogous to labeling Mahatma Ghandi a trouble maker.

I don’t know about anyone else (blacks, women, whatever), but I can unequivocally attest– from my personal experience with you– to never being even minutely offended by anything you’ve said in lectures, sir. In fact, it has been your lectures and my affiliation with you (and the economics club) for that transitory period in my academic career that would fuel a fervent desire for the field of economics. I pretty much tacitly made you my mentor Walter; and although, I didn’t earn a very high mark in your class, I can unambiguously say that I walked away with a feeling of knowing how to: affectively apply real world situations to the field of economics, theoretically create transparent economic research inquiries and feverishly be ready to debate anyone who doesn’t agree.

It appears that this “political correctness” BS has permeated the social fabric of our daily lives so deep that even academia is not immune from its draconian affects. Your assertions were based on pure theory that was clearly debatable; therefore, I can’t comprehend for the likes of me the reasons for the public pandemonium. When any of us (classmates and colleagues) didn’t agree with something you said in class, we debated you. Again, I never walked away with a feeling you were a racist, sexiest or whatever; this was completely uncalled for Walter. Dr. Block, if I have to write an entire term paper on your behalf sir, just let me know who to send it to, it would be an honor.

Best Regards,


KR is a black, male former student of mine at Loyola University New Orleans

11:37 pm on January 11, 2009