‘Balancing’ the Budget?

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The House’s Cut, Cap and Balance bill expands the debt limit, suggests cuts without actually committing to them, and increases our already bloated military accounts while seeking to get the money from the social welfare accounts (already and always empty). Specifically, the House Bill plans to happily pay for a growing military budget ad infinitum, predicting and praying that the already lopsided and obscene “Pentagon appropriations …[will continue to] grow…” The establishment Republican from the 6th District of Virginia (Goodlatte) is proud of his “conservatism,” as are so many of the Republicrats. The bill should be entitled “Lie, Lay Low, and Rock the Status Quo.” Or maybe “Con, Crap and Bull.” What’s so hard to understand about the message Americans (especially the younger generations) have for Washington DC — which is stop borrowing, stop spending, and just go away?

7:42 am on July 18, 2011