Bailing Out Without a Parachute?

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McCain and Obama have, as one would predict, taken the cowardly way out of the corporate bailout question by focusing their responses on wanting “oversight” of the process. The word “oversight” is a contranym (i.e., a word with diametrically opposed meanings). One meaning is “to give close attention to,” while the other definition is “to fail to see.” I wonder which of these meanings will be embraced by these would-be philosopher-kings?

Obama’s supporters carry signs that read “change we need.” They should hang on to these placards after the election. Then – like some of the homeless people I see with signs reading “I need your change” – they will be able to fit into the new cadre of “street people” to whom taxpayer-rescued CEOs can toss a coin or two as their limos speed them to new rackets to exploit!

6:28 pm on September 22, 2008