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As usual, the bobbleheads in the MSM (mainstream media) are doing a shoddy job of reporting this story: “Florida Father Apologizes for School Bus Tirade, Threats.”

A Florida man apologized Tuesday for boarding his daughter’s school bus earlier this month and threatening the other children and the driver, saying he acted out of frustration over students bullying his daughter.

“I handled it the wrong way when I went on the bus,” James Jones said. He said he does not condone storming on the bus or his profanity-laced tirade in front of students.

I can only imagine the reactions from various libertarians concerning this man’s actions. Well, here’s my take, like it or not.

I saw the video today, and I applauded the man, James Jones, for taking a stand and defending the honor and rights of his beloved (handicapped) child. His 13-year-old daughter has cerebral palsy. She had been repeatedly bullied, taunted, spit on, called names, and physically assaulted on the public school bus (yes, being “pushed around” is an assault). He found out about these events when his daughter finally revealed why she didn’t want to go to school any longer. His heart broke. He lost his temper and stormed a school bus, taking no other actions except yelling at the assortment of delinquents who filled the yellow-and-black bully pulpit. He cussed and tossed f-bombs, and threatened to kick the butts of the guilty punks.

Indeed, he said he’d “kill whoever did it,” but the word was not used literally. Other than the use of that word in temper, James Jones only rose up in defense against the repeated violence foisted upon his child. The media reaction was painfully predictable. How dare any person storm the sacred ground of a public education prison transport full of wonderful children and desecrate its semi-sacred ambience with profanity?

The collective, politically correct forces made James Jones go public and “urge parents not to follow his example, but to use available resources and talk to the school if their child is being bullied.” They have put this man on Good Morning America, and in press conferences, to genuflect before the alters of the educational system’s codes of political correctness. He has performed forced apology after forced apology, because he stepped up, in righteous anger and fatherly love, to defend his helpless baby girl.

He is therefore facing “two misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and disturbing a school function.” “Disturbing a school function” is somehow distinctive from “disturbing” anything else? Of course it is, because a “school function” is representative of the mighty indoctrination arm of the state.

Any real man, any protective father, would be pushed over the edge to react to a bunch of baggy pants losers incessantly bullying his disabled daughter who could not defend herself. As a punishment, this real man is being forced to grovel, heel, abide, and be perpetually apologetic.

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6:00 am on September 22, 2010