B. Hussein Obama

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It’s funny and interesting that Obama is openly talking about his Muslim roots. People who did that during the campaign were treated as little Hitlers. Indeed, it was political death to mention his middle name.

I like the latest turn-on-a-dime in the party line, but the whole episode reveals once again the true nature of the anti-“bigotry” crusades. Not to promote love for all people, but to demonize opponents of the state’s current agenda, and to disguise the grab for even more power. I mean, are there any more intolerant people than the Marxists, neocons, left-liberals, and “libertarians” who run the 10-minute hates?

In any event, it is wonderful to hear Muslims discussed positively, and I like the hints of a less-biased Middle Eastern policy as well. But I fear these are just attempts to smooth the path for US domination, imperial tricks that were old hat in the time of King Tut.

9:54 am on June 3, 2009