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Writes Elizabeth Cameron:

Here’s a story about the shooting in Aurora, Colorado. As of this morning, ABC news was wondering if the shooter was a Tea Party member, as if that might be a causative factor. (He is not.)

No, you propagandizing morons, whatever his political persuasion, it isn’t a “reason” for such an atrocity.

Then what is? This is always the question that is put forth with agonizing but ineffectual sympathy and discussed ad nauseum without much real effort to learn the actual answer.

We hear from our Presumed Overlord, Mr. Obama, that: “”We never understand what leads someone to terrorize their fellow human beings like this.”

Actually, that’s not true. There is a great deal of understanding available on this subject to those whose vested interests are not impeded by exposure of the facts. There is a well-documented relationship between uncontrolled acts of violence and the use of psychiatric drugs.

“What? No!  Those ‘medications’ are here to help us ‘control’ symptoms!”

Um-hmm…sure they are. Go back and read the reports sometime, from past horrors, and eventually you find that many of  the shooters were taking this drug or that one, or were in withdrawal. The warning labels of many of these drugs are dire. It appears that they sometimes send people over the edge, so that they step out of reality, and then all hell breaks loose.

But to focus on this, of course, would be (gasp!) to raise a thought against the psychiatric-pharmaceutical industry.

The question that ABC and the rest of the media should be asking is, “What medications was James Holmes taking, at the time of the shooting, or before it? When has he been in the hands of the psychs?” That is always the first connection to look for.

11:54 am on July 20, 2012