Attention White People!

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Have you oppressed any non-whites today?  Well, you may think not, but in fact you have, by virtue of being a member of the privileged white oppressor class.  Every dirt-poor Mississippi redneck living in a rusted out old bus down by the river is, by definition, an “oppressor” of Tiger Woods and Oprah Winfrey.

This is the latest version of Marxian class struggle theory, also known as “multicultural Marxism,” and it has become the One Acceptable Ideology in most of higher education in America today (and lower education as well).  For example, the state of Wisconsin is about to require all white students to wear white wristbands to constantly remind them that they are “privileged white people.”  Murray Rothbard wrote about this phenomenon  years ago when he recognized that the Marxist left had all but given up its Capitalists-Exploiting-the-Working-Class fantasies and had adopted what he called “group egalitarianism,” and a push for quotas for the officially designated “oppressed” in society (pretty much everyone except for heterosexual white males).

Eddie Murphy also figured this all out in a Saturday Night Live skit years ago.  (Thanks to Travis Holte).

12:35 pm on March 12, 2013