Attention, Rapists: Don’t Be Late to “Work”

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About the time I decide everyone’s tired of my rants against the TSA, a million of you send me links to the latest news of that demonic agency. So thanks to everyone who forwarded  an article on the report the Goons’ Accomplices Office-sorry, the Government Accountability Office issued a few days ago pretending that “TSA employee misconduct” is “up” a mere “26% in 3 years.” How could anyone possibly judge whether “misconduct” by rapists and thieves has worsened, let alone by 26%? Good gracious, when the standards are whether you’ve pawed victims so savagely they’re in tears, there’s not much room for additional “misbehavior.”

Let us then first dispense with the idea that the GAO or its numerous reports accomplish anything good. It doesn’t, and they don’t. In fact, the GAO accrues to Our Rulers’ benefit precisely because of its meaningless “investigations”: it cannot legally enforce any of the recommendations it makes after inspecting bureaucracies, but it does provide warm fuzzies for the political class and its lackeys in the press. “Hey, government cares about [whatever failure the GAO has discussed],” these various poltroons proclaim. “Look, GAO issued a report on it!” Abolish this worthless bureaucracy, for pity’s sake.

Actually, the fact that GAO can’t enforce its recommendations is just as well because it invariably focusses on precisely the wrong “problem” — usually some bureaucratic nicety that a particular agency is flouting. As it did in its latest report on the TSA (and there have been many, many, many previous reports, all paid by your taxes. You tell me: has the TSA “improved” its gate-rape and theft as a result?). This time, GAO’s britches are in a wad because the TSA doesn’t “discipline” its “workforce” (HA!!!!!) consistently. Yep, I kid you not. The agency preys on sick and handicapped kids, torments survivors of cancer, and strip-searches grandmothers, yet the GAO worries that “letters of reprimand” are not sent each and every time some leech shows up 15 minutes late to commit such indecencies.

Naturally, Our clueless Rulers jumped on this idiotic bandwagon. “’TSA plays fast and loose with its use of recommended penalties for misconduct,’ Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), chairman of the Oversight committee on management efficiency, said in a statement. ‘These findings show why many Americans have lost respect for the agency protecting our airports.’” Yo, Dunce, you imbecile: Americans have lost respect — if they ever had any, which I doubt — for the agency terrorizing airports (what is this “our”? You been reading Commie Manifesto again?) because the perverts grope them and steal their stuff. No one gives a hoot about how TSA “plays” with its “use of recommended penalties for misconduct.” Geez, but these wingdings start stupid and just get stupider the longer they hibernate in the Beltway, don’t they?

The report laments some genuine crimes the TSA’s brutes have committed, but it also anguishes over such “misconduct” as sleeping on the job, arriving late or leaving early, and complete absences. Need I say more to prove how moronic all this is? These respective activities are the best uses of the TSA’s brutes: if they’re sleeping or AWOL, they can’t be stealing from or pawing us, can they? I’d say give the guy who showed up least and napped when he was there a medal and urge the rest of the deviant sponges to emulate him.

But there I go again, expecting logic and morality from the cretins in office.

10:48 am on August 1, 2013