Attention Ignorant Minority (a.k.a. Readers)

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In response to my earlier blog about how two ESPN commentators surprisingly criticized all the overbearing fascistic military worshipping at football games, one John Amick ( wrote to offer a typically Boobus Americanus-style response.  And I quote:

“Screw you.  Thank GOD you’re in the ignorant minority.  There will always be the ANTHEM at sporting events, ESPN’s 2 foolish so-called sport analysts will pay for their stupid comments.”

UPDATE:  David B. writes:  “I notice the military-worshipping fascist types like Mr. Amick always like to type in ALL CAPS and, of course, threaten other people for having a different opinion.  Completely oblivious to proving their critics’ point about their fascist tendencies, of course.  For such MANLY MEN, they sure are emotionally fragile.”

Joyce P. writes of how appropriate it is “that he can be reached at  Some  things are almost tooo good to be true.”

9:10 am on November 9, 2013