At It Again

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In its endless fear-mongering, the corporate media — or at least the New York Times — are agitating for metal detectors at hospitals. Yes. Suffering a heart attack? Sorry, join the queue at the metal detector, Bub, and if you live long enough, we’ll treat you. Hemorrhaging from a “home invasion” because Our Rulers have trashed the Second Amendment and deprived us of our right to self-defense? Ditto.

A man pulled out a gun and fired at least one shot in a waiting area at a hospital in the Bronx on Wednesday night, injuring a nurse and a security guard, the police said. … The hospital … does not have metal detectors, but has guards stationed at every entrance …” the Times editorializes in the entirely superfluous phrase I’ve emphasized (the sentence might more factually read “The hospital has guards stationed at every entrance”). “The hospital handles more than 130,000 patient visits to the emergency room each year, [its spokesman] said. He added, ‘We have never had any situations such as today where violence was involved.’”

Ah, but that doesn’t matter to the Times’ slime. Onward, police state! Search the serfs everywhere and anywhere, even when they head for their Obamacare!

It gets better: “A man who said he was a doctor but spoke only on the condition of anonymity said that the neighborhood was violent and that the hospital provided cars to escort workers to the train station. ‘We kind of expect it in this area, because it’s so dangerous,’ he said of the shooting.”

Hmmm. And where are the cops? According to Our Rulers, a police force’s entire raison d’etre is neither ticketing us to generate profits for Leviathan nor spying on us to prevent behavior the State disapproves while quashing dissent — no, no, no, you unAmerikan cynic, you, they’re there to protect us. Alas, and as usual, they’re failing miserably.

Which means, also alas, and as usual, that the slaves must relinquish more freedom.


1:23 pm on November 10, 2011