As Ohio goes…

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If this map showing which states Ron Paul’s contributions come from is any indication, my own state of Ohio is one of the states where Dr. Paul has the least support.

Despite this — and despite below-freezing temperatures and 20-30mph winds — dozens of people (at least 65 by my count) came out for a “Tea Party” rally by the Scioto River in Columbus this afternoon. Instead of tossing tea, Ron Paul supporters tossed boxes that represented the IRS, the Federal Reserve, the UN, NAFTA, and so many other government interventions into the icy water. The attendees knew they wouldn’t get to see the candidate himself, or even the blimp — they just were there (on the kind of day when most people wouldn’t want to step outside at all) because they care about liberty and want to see Ron Paul win.

If that kind of crowd will show up in Ohio under those conditions, I would suggest that things look very good indeed for Iowa, New Hampshire, and the many other states where Ron Paul has even stronger support.

2:09 pm on December 16, 2007