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For years, we’ve known that the neocons would eventually betray the GOP. After all, like Harry Reid, they had nothing but contempt for the smelly taxpayers in the conservative coalition that the party pretended to represent. Nonetheless, they were willing to use the Republican Party for all it was worth. Eventually, however, Wanderlust would yield to Heimweh, and they would return to their natural home, the Left-Democratic-Union.

Today, Max Boot, who has long advocated a U.S. army full of foreigners who would not flinch at shooting American citizens in their homeland, joins the other neocons who scuttled the Republican ship, then deserted it.
“The new Afghanistan policy that President Obama unveiled at the White House today was pretty much all that supporters of the war effort could have asked for, and probably pretty similar to what a President McCain would have decided on,” coos Boot, the turncoat of convenience.

Yes, they used the GOP for all it was worth — until it was worthless, in fact. And then threw it away, like the used Kleenex they always considered it to be. “The Dwarfs are for the Dwarfs,” explained the conniving traitors in Narnia.

Well, allegory aside, perhaps Pastor Hagee and his evangelical cohorts who bought into the neocon lies should have paid attention to the Good Book: “for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light,” said Our Lord. (Luke 16:8 – “quia filii huius saeculi prudentiores filiis lucis in generatione sua sunt.”)

3:58 pm on March 29, 2009