Arpaio Balks At Budget Cuts

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The very evil Maricopa County Sheriff ain’t liking the proposed budget cuts to his office:

While the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is dealing with the county’s budget shortfall in the current fiscal year, administrators are beginning to brace for some of the most severe cuts in the agency’s history in light of more bad economic news for the county.

Already faced with a hiring freeze and looking at a proposed suspension on capital spending for new projects, Sheriff Joe Arpaio pushed back to county administrators earlier this month with a memo that details his strenuous opposition to further cuts.

Super-statist Arpaio says that the cuts are “not an option” and that people should not “mess with his personnel.”

Dear “sir,” are you aware that you are a parasite? That you live from the productivity of others? Disband already, tyrant.

11:17 am on November 23, 2008