Army Tests New Body Armor for Female Soldiers

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Women now make up 14 percent of the Army. Over 100 have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now they are getting body armor specially designed for them. According to Fox News:

Female soldiers from Fort Campbell deploying to Afghanistan will field test the first Army body armor that is shorter and better tailored specifically to fit women’s physiques. Members of a female engagement team from the 101st Airborne Division, who will be directly interacting with Afghan women during the coming deployment, have been equipped with the female prototypes of the newest generation of Army tactical vests.

“Spc. Gilliann Campbell, 22, called the new body armor ‘a dream’ compared to the old vests. A former gymnast, Campbell said she feels much more flexible in the new vests and demonstrated that with a couple of cartwheels.”

Is this supposed to be a good thing? I will never understand what possesses a young woman to want to be in combat or take a chance that she might be. And obviously, they never read the annual DOD report on sexual assaults in the military or they would think twice about joining.

N.B., Although I have mentioned these things in my articles, just to make myself perfectly clear:

I think a society that sends its women into combat or danger or “harm’s way” is a barbaric society.

I remember when opposition to women in combat was a big cause of “Christian right” and “family values” conservatives. That was mainly back when Clinton was the president. Now, since Bush and the Iraq war, it is uncritical prayers in church for “our brave men and women in uniform.”

10:40 am on September 19, 2012