Armed Robbers in Black Robes and SWAT Costumes

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You are driving along at a normal speed minding your own business when a man wearing a bullet-proof vest and armed with a handgun, mace, and a shotgun in his car forces you to pull over and demands money.  If you refuse to pay, you will be kidnapped and forced to live in a cage.

But you think you’re in luck.  The armed man is a local cop.  He tells you, “I didn’t clock you for speeding, so I can’t give you a speeding ticket.  But I’m going to ticket you for “driving too fast for conditions instead.”

You of course have a right to challenge the cop before a judge.  You think it’s your lucky day, and you will teach that tax collector, er, I mean, “officer,” a lesson.  You explain what happened to the judge to which he responds:  “You are absolutely correct.  The officer has no proof that you have broken any law.”  To which you respond:  “Does that mean that I don’t have to pay the $200 ticket??  The “judge answers:  “No.”

This story was told by a fellow golfer the other day at the course restaurant.  Is there really any difference between this and a Mafia shakedown?




9:57 am on August 15, 2013