Are You Feeling Exceptional Today?

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Ben Stein is the neocons’ Oprah. A successful actor, he writes mostly about himself and, well, his success, and the joys his success has brought him. This apparently dazzles some, even as its rank egoism abidingly bewilders others.

Ben is an ardent advocate of American Exceptionalism. In his latest post (rhymes with “boast”), he celebrates that vapid notion by talking about – no surprise here – himself. “Life in America, at least right now, at least for most of us, is simply great,” he oozes, and then describes how it’s great for him.

That’s the news from Exceptional Nation. Life is great on Planet Ben, so it must be so for the rest of us! And, since Ben is so exceptional, aren’t we **all** exceptional? And isn’t that what American Exceptionalism is all about? That here in the land of the free, we can all be exceptional like Ben?


11:49 am on February 26, 2013