Are We Sure He Didn’t Make It Out of the Bunker?

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German Government Advisor Proposes Personal CO2 Budget For Everyone On Planet

The top climate science advisor [Joachim Schellnhuber] to the German government has proposed that everyone on the planet should have a personal CO2 budget and be forced to pay a tax if they exceed it, adding that westerners have already exceeded their allocations and should pay climate reparations to poorer countries.

“Schellnhuber is proposing the creation of a CO2 budget for every person on the planet, regardless whether they live in Berlin or Beijing,” reports Der Spiegel, a “breathtaking” idea according to Czech physicist Dr. Lubos Motl, who said Schellnhuber’s proposal helped him “to understand how crazy political movements such as the Nazis or communists could have so easily taken over a nation that is as sensible as Germany.”

Schellnhuber goes further, claiming that westerners have already exceeded their CO2 allocations and will need to pay climate reparations to poorer countries amounting to no less than $142 billion dollars a year, every year.

Schellnhuber…Schellnhuber…Hmmm. Didn’t he used to go by the name Schicklgruber and sport a mustache?

7:01 am on September 8, 2009