Are They Ignorant or Just Dressing Windows Again?

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The Senate “unanimously” passed a bill Monday night that requires the TSA to waste our money on developing “expedited airport security screening for soldiers traveling on orders.”

But Marine Corps Times reports that this legislation won’t accomplish much. “A Marine senior noncommissioned officer, who asked not to be identified by name because he was not authorized to speak to the press, said…he almost never travels while in uniform. Most service members, unless they are traveling with their unit, don’t travel in uniform, the Marine said, unless they are a young person making their first permanent change-of-station moves. ‘If I am going on TAD for pre-deployment training or another type of place, I do not wear a uniform to the airport because it is against Marine Corps orders,’ he said.”

Yet Congressional bozos squandered time and taxes on this nonsense despite the screams of the TSA’s gate-raped victims echoing coast-to-coast.

10:17 am on December 14, 2011