Are They Doing Their Job Well?

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Are the imperialists in Washington doing their job well of advancing their dominance over the world? If the overall aim of Washington is to rule the world, are they doing their job well? Are they achieving that objective efficiently and effectively? Are they on a sustainable path to world dominance? Will they succeed where no previous empire has succeeded?

I don’t think so. I think that if we adopt their point of view as the goal of world dominance, we have to conclude that they are blundering at every turn, that they have made huge errors, and that their quest will end very badly. The empire will fall. I think that in their private counsels, that is, within this imperial establishment, they are disunited and, with some effort, I might locate voices that realize and say, in so many words, that they have blundered and that they are not on a path that will bring them global rule, which would be one government ruling the entire world.

They have failed in Iraq. They have failed in Afghanistan. They are failing elsewhere. If these imperialists were succeeding, the American economy would be thriving, and so would the economies of Iraq and Afghanistan. The tribute, domestic and foreign, would pay for the imperial ventures. The opposite has happened.

I’d add that success in creating a police state in America is another index of failure at creating a world empire. The Soviet Union, an empire, also had a police state and so did Nazi Germany, a brief flicker of an empire. The greater the police state, the lower the productivity of the people. In the USSR this took the form of excessive drunkenness.

An empire that is rising can’t sit upon or be extended upon the back of a decadent and drug-laden culture or a people with declining productivity or a constrained people of low moral character, lacking a vision or subjected to laws that lower their productivity. Would a successful empire imprison huge numbers of people? This removes people from productive work and is very costly to those who are producing. Would a successful empire have a population that craved drugs inordinately? Would a successful empire force large numbers of its women into the work force merely to survive? Would it turn huge numbers of its people into dependents of those who are productive?

The U.S. government and its satellite state governments not only operate badly from the point of view of my welfare and yours and most Americans, but also they operate badly from the point of view of achieving an ultimate aim of world dominance.  Since nearly everything they do is contrary to almost any decent morality or ethical standards one can think of, and thus to almost any sensible notion of natural justice, what they produce is not some grand empire or some grand progress. They produce exactly what you see around you and what you hear and read about, which is a confused mess of things in almost any area you might care to name. They produce various forms of slavery, and as time passes this produces sullen resistance and rebellion and violence. It produces capital flight and brain drain. There is nothing grand or noble or beautiful about the accomplishments of these governments. Whatever the imperialists think they are accomplishing, they are not getting it. Whatever the domestic liberals thought they were accomplishing with welfare programs and Keynesian manipulations, they are not getting it. Whatever the warmongers think they are accomplishing, they are not getting it.

Yes, in this mess, there are those who become the masters and who rake off wealth for themselves. There are those who get the power they crave and whatever other goodies that turn them on. This is part and parcel of the misuse of power by government and the corruption of any notion of government that aims at natural justice. There cannot be the overall system failures that stem from repression and taking without also seeing those failures be accomanied by the success of those persons who gain privileges for themselves. The two things are two sides of one coin. In the end, however, continued and widespread repression, taking, and imperialism end up hollowing out the people and country and economy to such an extent that empires deteriorate and fall.

6:47 am on October 16, 2012