Are Military Personnel Unheralded?

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A reader (JD) sickened by the military worship that occurs at football games sends along this article about Northwestern University’s special football uniforms that will be sold to raise money for wounded soldiers.

Bleacher Report columnist Jesse Reed described the uniforms as “classy” and “sharp-looking,” and said about the military: “The men and women who sacrifice their freedom by serving in the military far too often go unheralded for their exploits. Those who return home after injuring themselves in the line of duty deserve even more gratitude and praise, and any chance we have to honor them, we should.”

Comments the LRC reader:

I guess in this individual’s mind, giving discounts to veterans or active duty military personnel at many establishments is not enough. Having everyone thanking them for their “service” is not enough. Claiming that everyone in the military is a hero is not enough. Being honored at sporting events and church events is not enough. Being told they are responsible for all our (rapidly vanishing) freedom is not enough. Being hero worshiped and deified by people everywhere you go is not enough. No, these individuals need to be honored in other, more public ways that make this upcoming football game all but unwatchable. I can already hear the announcers falling all over themselves to out-do each other in fawning over the “sacrifices” these brave men and women make every day to ensure that we remain the most free people on the planet. It would be funny if it weren’t so nauseating.

Well said!

10:03 am on November 6, 2013