Are Main Stream Media Paid to Adopt the Party Line?

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No, not directly. The system works more subtly than that. It’s not as crass as that because news people like to maintain their dignity and illusions of being honest reporters.

Five days ago I read a major article from an LA newspaper that made it sound like fact that Russia invaded Crimea and that the separatists in Ukraine were stand-ins or proxies for Russia. I asked the author (Carol Williams) to tell me where I might find these assertions documented. I got no reply. But if the lady had replied, she could have pointed to hundreds of such assertions made by others in the media and in government, and she could have argued that these were authoritative. This would not have answered my questions that asked for evidence of when and where and with what forces Russia attacked Crimea and what evidence we had that the separatists were acting under Russia’s orders. In fact, if we read some history of the separatist movement, such as here, we do not find the charge confirmed that separatists are proxies for Russia.

So, how is it that she and so many other reporters spout a government line? Many reasons that I won’t go into. For a start but only a start, read this.

11:33 am on September 2, 2014