Anxious Annie is Finally Right …

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Ann Coulter explains vividly the fraud that McCain-Feingold perpetrated on the country, feigning “morality” while assuring big-media dominance of presidential campaign funding.

Ironically, McCain’s self-anointed reputation for being “above it all” is destroyed for good with today’s NYT story recounting his consorting with lobbyists like all those other senators for whom he always displays such sanctimonious contempt.

Please note that the NYT cordially held its story until McCain had the nomination sewn up.

It’s McCain’s sanctimony that invites this story and gives it life. Look, EVERY senator’s office is bombarded with lobbyists. I regularly had to kick one particular guy out of my office in the Senate Hart Building … … when he would sit around and chew the fat with the secretaries (and hit on one of them, a great lady who is now married to a senator), pretending that he was waiting for me to get back. Undoubtedly he was billing his client for the hours that he spent there doing nothing.

Perhaps, like McCain’s newly-reported companion, he bragged that he had “great access” and “walk-in privileges” (that ups the pay scale) in the office of Senator so-and-so.

Another facet of Coulter’s column invites attention. Go outside the Hart Senate Office Building in the cold and ice, and watch the senators on their cell-phones, walking back and forth on the sidewalk raising dough (because they aren’t allowed to call from their offices).

That’s why they love lobbyists, who bundle $2300 donations 100 at a time (Cheney’s “Rangers,” Bush’s “Pioneers,” etc.). And that’s why they do earmarks — in Washington, where there is a Quid, there is a Quo, major league, big time.

No way is the present regime going to undo this mess. And Ann and Mona and Jed and all the rest of the neocon faux-“conservatives” just smirked at Ron Paul, the only man who could have done it.

Oh Ann, why did YOU join the big media to totally IGNORE Ron Paul?


Ahhh….. you get it now? Proving your own sharp point as a lawyer, but impugning your judgment as an analyst — and losing the only chance you have of deliverance from this malevolent mess.

8:11 am on February 21, 2008