Anti-War Candidates?

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I don’t know whether MSNBC was being disingenuous or journalistically incompetent when, in an interview with Dennis Kucinich, it continued to identify him as: “Kucinich: Only Anti-War Candidate?” Have these people not heard of Ron Paul or, as is more likely the case, are they but doing the bidding of the institutional order in keeping fundamental alternatives to war and other forms of statism from public awareness? “Pay no attention to that man behind the screen! Dennis Kucinich is the token anti-war candidate chosen for you by your leaders!”

Kucinich has focused attention on domestic violence and “hate crimes,” declaring that they “call out for a national program.” This does more than reflect his ignorance of how “national programs” have been the major contributors to the conflict and violence in our world. Having in mind other governmental “programs” to foist upon the public, he demonstrates the superficiality of his “anti-war” stance. As an avowed statist – which Ron Paul is not – it is not so much that Kucinich favors peace, as it is that he has alternative enemies for the state to confront.

10:38 am on February 4, 2007