Anti-Keynesians, Hayek, Hazlitt

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Here are two articles that will be of interest to Austrian economists. Both are from the National Post, a Canadian equivalent to the New York Wall (War) Street Journal.

Veldhuis, Niels and Lammam, Charles. 2010. “HarpernomicsNational Post, March 30;

Foster, Peter. 2010. “Multiplication fablesNational Post, March 31;

The first is a good survey of anti-Keynesian publications from a neo-classical perspective. The second is really excellent; it prominently mentions Hayek, and heavily quotes our far less appreciated Hazlitt, on Austrian Business Cycle Theory. The only mistake in the latter is that Foster erroneously maintains that Milton Friedman was a critic of Keynesianism. Paul Samuelson, in his textbook, quotes Friedman as saying “We are all Keynesians now,” and never were any truer words written.

5:49 pm on March 31, 2010