Anti-Hoax Moralizing

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The mainstream media is all atwitter; their diapers knotted in moral outrage over the apparent suicide of a hospital nurse who was sucked into a hoax perpetrated by a couple of Australian radio broadcasters. These self-appointed guardians of proper thought and behavior appear to be in agreement that engaging in hoaxes that can lead to the deaths of others is reprehensible. If these media babblers are sincere in their efforts to expose and condemn such behavior, might we see them follow up with a campaign against their own colleagues who so eagerly and consistently participated in the corporate-state hoax about make-believe “weapons of mass destruction” that has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of equally innocent victims? Or is this criticism of Australian broadcasters just another example of the projection, onto scapegoats, of the “dark side” machinations that are inseparable from the media?

10:32 am on December 10, 2012