Anti-Defamation League Opposes Affirmative Action

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I used to think that it was a prerequisite for being a card-carrying Leftist in America that one had to be a loud supporter of “affirmative action,” a.k.a., government-enforced hiring quotas that discriminate based on race, creed, color, national origin, etc.  Just last week the leftist propagandists on several television networks condemned the comedian Jerry Seinfeld because one of his televised comedy “specials” did not have enough black comedians.  Lefties are very touchy about these things.  Seinfeld defended himself by saying “either you’re funny or you’re not funny” and explained that he chose the comedians for his shows based on merit, not skin color.  That did not seem to calm his critics, however, all of whom wore expressions making them look like they had been sucking on lemons.

So imagine my surprise to learn this morning that Abe Foxman, the lefty head of the Anti-Defamation League, has come out against affirmative action!  Has he been reading Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell?  Probably not.  In a newspaper column in the Palm Beach Post Abe quoted a Politico writer who asked, “Why only Jews are allowed to run” the Fed, referring apparently to Greenspan, Bernanke, and Yellen.  Abe also quoted a similar Bloomberg News article that said “how about enough of Jews running things?”  These writers are just expressing the mantra/mating call of the multicultural Marxists who dominate academe, Hollywood, and the popular culture that “diversity is our strength.”  (As a university professor I have heard this mantra expressed by university administrators at least a million times, maybe more).

In response to these suggestions by fellow multiculturalists to adopt affirmative action in Fed appointments for the sake of of cultural diversity, Abe called for the censorship of such “hate speech”  with a new federal hate speech law.  How interesting that at least one segment of the Lunatic Left is now referring  to calls for “affirmative action” and “cultural diversity” as “hate speech” and urging heavy-handed censorship.

UPDATE:  Jay S. writes to comment on how the media have relentlessly beat up on Jerry Seinfeld this week, but have said very little about the accusations against Woody Allen that he molested Mia Farrow’s seven-year-old daughter years ago.  Barbara Walters even defended Woody to the hilt on her morning blab show.


8:19 am on February 7, 2014