Anti-Blonde Racism

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Blondes have long been oppressed, and even derided as airheads,which is obviously the opposite of the truth. But now virulent anti-blondism is baying at the moon because the neocon terrorist in Norway is blonde, and he is constantly described that way, as if that were his key characteristic. Other, far more interesting items are downplayed. He is sometimes called anti-Muslim, but never ardently pro-Israel. Though he delights in being a Freemason, and wore his full UN-blue regalia on Facebook, he is never described that way either. In fact, the telltale apron is now cropped out of the Masonic photo, if the photo is used at all. But the European and US media delight in calling him blonde, blonde, blonde, and sometimes blue-eyed, as well, though such identifying details are usually banned from news stories as politically incorrect. But anti-blondism is the essence of political correctness. Clearly, we need a Blonde Anti-Defamation League.

UPDATE Here is one of the victims of the neocon terrorist. She would never, of course, be described as a blonde. (Thanks to David Romo)

2:32 pm on July 28, 2011