Anti-American = Anti-Empire

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A former columnist for, Anthony Gancarski, has seen the light and realized just how anti-American people like Pat Buchanan, Lew Rockwell and Karen Kwiatkowski are. You see, what these folks and folks like Michael Moore and Ralph Nader have in common that identifies them as anti-American is that “In their common denunciation of ‘American hegemony,’ all these parties seek to weaken Washington’s position in the world, to shred the capacity of American business to operate in the global marketplace, and to deny Americans the benefits we have historically enjoyed in large part because of the exporting of democracy and American values.” Note the giveaway, “weaken Washington’s position”. He’s not talking about that anti-American George Washington who advised us to mind our own business and not export democracy or otherwise get mixed up in other’s political affairs. He’s talking about Washington, D.C. To be against the empire run out of that city that bombs cities, extorts, lies, bleeds the American people dry and overturns everything good this country has ever stood for is to be a traitor. See, you can’t love your country and hate your government. That’s the sort of thing to which true patriots would never pledge their Lives, their Fortunes and their sacred Honor.

Oh yeah, and one other interesting circumlocution: “these ‘unpatriotic conservatives’ aren‘t particularly conservative — in a post 9/11 sense — at all.” Yes, conservatism… The ideology based on eternal truths that changed a few years ago. I think I must be a post 2004 conservative, or whatever puts me out of the company of folks whose ideology changes on a dime.

1:07 pm on August 9, 2004