Another Stunning Victory for the Psychiatry Profession

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A few days into the investigation it was revealed that the suspected Batman Movie Killer was under a psychiatrist’s care at the University of Colorado where he was treated with who-knows-what mind-altering medications.

We also later learned that the alleged killer had sent that doctor, Lynne Fenton, a package by the suspected killer detailing some of his murderous plans. FoxNews asks “What did she know, and when?”

We later learned that Fenton had been reprimanded by the University in 2005 for unknown (at this time) reasons, and that she nevertheless was made an assistant professor and medical director of the university’s student mental health service.

Following these revelations, the University of Colorado went into CYA mode, and has lucked out now that the judge in the case has ruled that the University is exempt from open-records laws on matters related to the killings.

Now, we find that the court records have been altered to remove mention of the alleged killer’s involvement with the psychiatrist. According to the Denver Post:

The motion by defense attorneys, originally released Friday, was altered to black out a section that revealed Holmes was a patient of University of Colorado psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton.

9:18 am on August 1, 2012