Another Reason for Christians Not To Be Military Chaplains

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The Pentagon has announced that military chaplains can now lead same-sex marriage ceremonies on and off military bases. The ceremony must be in a state where gay marriage is legal. So, why is this another reason why Christians should not be military chaplains? Most Christian pastors would not marry a same-sex couple on biblical grounds. I suspect that most Christian chaplains would feel likewise. Is there any doubt that in the future Christian chaplains will be forced to marry same-sex couples in the military so as not to discriminate?

(Note that not believing in same-sex marriage and not performing same-sex marriages is unrelated to the question of whether the state should regulate marriage. I argue against state-issued marriage licenses here.)

Of course, there are other reasons for Christians not to be military chaplains, as I point out here.

7:08 am on October 1, 2011