Another Politician Caught With His Mouth Open

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UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s campaign is imploding, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

The latest firestorm: After a spirited exchange with a 65-year-old woman (and lifelong Labor supporter), he got in his car and was caught calling her “a bigoted woman” because she was for tougher laws on immigration. It seems that Murdoch, who is backing Brown, provided him with a microphone to wear, and Brown then forgot he was still wearing it live.

As you listen to this encounter on the tapes, more is revealed than his rush to call anyone with different views “bigoted.” (1) The woman is very sincere, and seems most concerned about out-of-control spending. (2) Like most politicians, he finds it impossible to issue a direct apology. It’s always, “I apologize IF I said…,” when the entire nation now knows what he said. And (3) the incident shows how fake and scripted these voter encounters are. He is also caught demanding to know which staffer arranged for him to meet THAT woman. Obviously he was expecting to be paired with a more friendly voter, and somebody’s head will roll.   (Thanks to Doug Caddy for calling this to my attention.)

9:08 am on April 28, 2010