Another Miracle

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A friend recently introduced me to Freelancers of all kinds, from around the world, are at the ready to help you with your job.

I had a quick design job: I needed an icon directing users to a page where they could purchase gift subscriptions to one of my websites. So I wanted a graphic consisting of a present with a bow, with the words “Buy a gift subscription.” I then needed it placed into the site in such a way as not to clutter the home page.

Within two hours I had eight freelancers from around the world offering to do this for me. One offered to do it for $25. The highest rate I was quoted was $36. I could look at each person/firm’s feedback and portfolio before hiring anyone.

I chose a woman in India who will have the project done in 24 hours for $32.88.

12:57 am on December 13, 2012