Another Jacobin History Lesson

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All-war supporter Jacoby, who forbids questions that inquire into possible U.S. imperial interests in the Middle East (or calls them nasty names), declares once more the “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq. Apparently, it’s not a parody.

I wonder why Mr. Jacoby never mentions the Christians whose communities in Iraq have been obliterated by the war, and who have suffered widespread martyrdom as a result of Bush’s war of choice. How grateful they must be! Nor does he mention Iran, that new Hitler Haven for whom Bush generously destroyed Saddam Hussein with American lives and fortune. Perhaps Jacoby can get a quote from I’m-A-Dinner-Jacket, thanking Bush for taking that problem off his hands and installing an Iran-friendly government in Iraq.

Oh, he won’t? Well, if history didn’t vindicate Bush, at least Jacoby will try — stooping to employ the tawdry neocon hijacking of Reagan’s legacy to boot.

12:15 pm on March 11, 2010