Another Iraq Veteran for Ron Paul

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Writes Carl S.: “Thank you for your kind acknowledgement of the brief email that I sent to you last night. On reflection I must confess that I sounded too pessimistic. Your evaluation of the outcome of the straw poll is certainly more accurate: Ron Paul is indeed the tortoise in the race. As more and more people hear his message they will see that there is an alternative to the usual pack of fools and criminals.

“My son (a Navy corpsman who did two tours in Iraq with the Marines) has never voted in his entire life. Yesterday he told me that he had registered just so he could vote for Ron Paul, and he asked what more he could do to help the cause. I know my son. He is nobody’s fool. If a candidate inspires him to become involved, then that candidate is indeed special. I told him to start working on his wife (she’s a reflexive, cradle Democrat).”

12:48 pm on August 12, 2007