Another Great Reason To Say Goodbye to ‘Liberal’ Gabrielle Giffords

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“Liberal” Gabrielle Giffords—who, like many liberals, believes that women own their own bodies only when it comes to abortion—will make her last act before she leaves Congress the opportunity to vote for a strong drug-smuggling bill she proposed.

As Laurence already pointed out, this same “liberal” only once saw a war appropriations bill she didn’t like.

With “liberals” like Gabrielle Giffords in Congress, who needs right-wing fascists like John Boehner et al.?

Adios, Gabrielle—and could you take the rest of your worthless colleagues in the Congress with you?

UPDATE: The Nazis in Congress unanimously passed this bill. [Thanks to Geoffrey Allan Plauché for the update]

5:40 am on January 25, 2012