Another FEMA Story

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This story, also about the incompetence of FEMA, was written to me in response to my other FEMA blogs, by Jack Harrison. I pass it along without comment, except to say that it shows that Ron Paul was EXACTLY on target when he recently criticized FEMA:

Your blog reminded me of my “volunteer” experience with FEMA after Katrina. I was sent first to Atlanta for staging, inoculating, indoctrinating, orientating, etc. Then after a few days on hold, I was told to rent a car for 30 days and drive to Jackson, MS, rent a hotel there for 30 days, and wait further orders. After a week in Jackson, I was told to drive to Biloxi, MS to FEMA’s local HQ. Upon arrival in Biloxi, I was told I’d be driving back and forth, two hours each way, to Mobile Bay, LA where I’d work on one of the FEMA-leased Carnival Cruise Lines ships as “head of security” — meanwhile I was originally brought on for my computer and technical networking skills and told I’d be helping rebuild the damaged infrastructure. Yup, an IT geek somehow wound up as head of security on a floating trailer park. Two solid weeks of time and money wasting before I even arrived on duty to do a job I had no business doing.

8:51 pm on August 29, 2011