Another Boom-Era, Infantile Phenomenon

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P.B. Loco. It’s not just the peanut butter itself, but rather, the cafes.

Some P.B.Loco flavors may be too intense for younger taste buds. If you have parents or guardians, they should be looking over your shoulder. P.B.Loco is peanut butter for adults who already know the scintillating pleasures of cold microbrews, left-of-the-dial bands and independent movies. It’s for grownups who aren’t completely grown up and who are averse to button-down shirts, closed-toed sandals, and life without a dog.

You can sit down at a PB Loco cafe where you can have “scrumptious PB creations” like Cinny Nilla, Razzlie Dazzlie, and Yummer Nummer. It’s interesting to note that the “P.B. Loco in the News” page reflects that the company received no media attention after 2006. The media raptures for P.B. Loco occurred during the peak bubble years: 2003-2006.

Just another example of how bubbles and booms engender infantile behavior and make some people go completely crazy.

8:28 pm on March 16, 2009