Another Anti-Toyota Scam?

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Writes Gary Barnett:

As I was watching Bloomberg this morning, the announcer just so happened to be reporting a story about how Toyota held a press conference yesterday to refute the “sticking pedal” reports, when breaking news came across the wire. A Prius Hybrid had just sped out of control in California due to a “stuck” accelerator pedal. Imagine that?

The problem with this story, other than the sheer coincidence in timing of course, is that the driver called 911 (while speeding out of control down the highway) and waited for a tax-feeding cop to arrive to pass and drive in front of him, the cop then letting the driver bash into the back of his car, this allowing the cop to brake and stop the out-of-control Toyota while being pushed at high speed. I couldn’t even see any discernible damage to either car. Plausible so far, right? Why would the driver not simply turn off the key or take the car out of gear? Are American drivers so stupid that they only know one thing; how to call 911? Maybe so, but I don’t buy it! Anyone who believes this story really happened as reported should contact me immediately because I have some oceanfront property for sale here in Montana!

UPDATE from Gary: I failed to mention a couple of things: The TV news cameras just happened to be on the scene, and the report didn’t say whether or not the driver of the Prius was given a speeding ticket! Considering the California economy, I thought this a good opportunity to decrease the deficit while at the same time boosting GM sales.

10:14 am on March 9, 2010