Another “Unforeseen” Government Snafu

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A drunk cop killed one person and injured two others when his vehicle crashed into their motorcycles. He will not be charged with DUI—though he does (for a change?) face two charges of criminal recklessness and one charge of reckless homicide. The reason he will not be charged with DUI is because, in one of those “unforeseen” government snafus (at least when it comes to one of their own), the cops who arrived at the scene of the accident drew the killer cop’s blood themselves rather than having the blood drawn by a certified professional medical person, as required by law—though the blood itself did show that the driver was DUI when tested in the laboratory. (Does it really take a medical degree from Harvard Medical School to know how to properly draw blood from another person? They trust cops to shoot a deadly weapon, but they can’t trust them to draw a simple blood sample?)

[FULL DISCLOSURE: I agree with Lew Rockwell and Mark Crovelli that DUI should not be a crime—but that is not what is at issue in this post.]

[Thanks to Kevin S.]

1:43 pm on August 20, 2010