Angelo Codevilla Update

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Dr. Angelo M. Codevilla’s has expanded his amazing article, “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution,” into a book, The Ruling Class:  How Political Elites Hijacked America, which you can pre-order at before its September 12 publication date.  Codevilla’s excellent analysis of the present sociopolitical landscape has been highly lauded and touted at LRC by Dr. Robert Higgs, Dr. Gary North, and myself.   In a recent interview with long time liberty activist Porter Davis at the Rule of Law Radio program on Radio Free Oklahoma, Dr. Codevilla discussed how his new book would not only describe why “the ruling class” disdain and oppress the vast bulk of the populace, but also address remedies “the country class” can use to take back America.  In the short run of the 2010 November election cycle, Codevilla stated people would have but little choice but to vote Republican to begin this process of throwing the rascals out.  But he left no doubt of his strong aversion to the George W. Bush regime and the neocons who have hijacked the GOP when he said the party needed a “barbed wire enema” to clean them out.  Several observers have compared Codevilla to Tom Paine and his seminal article, “Common Sense,” for his cogent ability to summarize and put before the American people the the plain facts of the contemporary dilemma we face, and of its powerful potential to inspire a serious revolutionary change for the future.  Codevilla admitted in the interview that he did in fact model his article on Paine’s with this intent in mind.

12:48 pm on August 13, 2010